Personalised Beginner Mentorship Program...

If you've stumbled across this page, chances are you are the kind of person who feels other peoples energy, gets the intuitive nudge or maybe you just have a deeper knowing you just can't explain. 

I know first hand what it's like to feel a little different, to know things or to have those intuitive senses, but not know how to trust them, follow them or even better, expand them. 

I think we can all agree, the intuitive realm can seem a little scary sometimes, thats why the Personalised Beginner Mentorship Program is the perfect place to feel held whilst you step into this unknown, but somewhat familiar, world. 

Being in tune with your intuition and psychic senses can be extremely life changing. I have witnessed the positive transformations for myself in my own life and I only wish the same for you. 

You may have opened your senses through spiritual study or through an awakening of some description, whatever the way or reason, its nice to have a little guidance along the way. 

When we come from a place of connection and can read the signs with a little more clarity and understanding, we are able to have a little more trust within ourselves through relationships, career and other areas of our life. 

That's why our internal dialogue, our intuition, is a game changer!! 

This program is designed  for those wanting to tap more into their intuition so they can have more trust and connection within themselves or/and for those wanting to delve into psychic mediumship but just aren't sure where to start. 

The intuitive journey involves a whole lot more than just getting connected, it encompasses your entire life on all levels, guiding you into a deeper way of living.   

Maybe you can relate... Just to name a few!

- You can sense things before they happen. You have an inner knowing.  You pick up on other peoples emotions and feel for them deeply.

- You keep seeing repetitive numbers such as 111, 333, 411, 911 etc etc. Signs and symbols are a big part of your life butterflies, songs, feathers etc

- Your dreams are intense and they sometimes come true

- You have always felt different, maybe like you don't belong. You are the odd one out and your friendship group is super small. 

- You have had clear psychic visions but don't know how to control them.

- You can sense energy around you such as spirit or have had an experience at some stage in your life. 

- You have been labelled an empath or been called "too sensitive". 

What our two months together will look like...

To create your program, we will connect for an hour to discuss where you are at in your journey, your goals and what you want to achieve by the end of the mentorship. 

We will then personally connect another two times throughout the two months as well as two group sessions with fellow intuitives engaged in the mentorship program. This will give you the opportunity to share experiences, connect with others on a similar journey and ask as many questions as you like.  

Here we will establish the appropriate boundaries to suit your energy, create a sense of confidence as we access the depth of your intuition or psychic gifts, come into a deeper connection with spirit, learn how to read energy (whether it be for yourself or others) and learn how to own your abilities without fear or judgement.

You will also receive a number of activities to strengthen your skills, which will include tarot/oracle cards, crystal knowledge and journaling. 


1 x 60 minute introductory session

2 x 40 minute support sessions 

2 x 45 minute group sessions 

Unlimited email support

(all sessions are via phone & zoom) 

Course dates & payment options.

This will be a two month course. 

All session will be via phone and Zoom - The zoom sessions will be recorded for you to keep. 

The next course dates are as follows. Please note you can join this course at anytime if you miss the start dates. 


August 10th 2020
September 7th 2020


The cost is $890. 

You can either pay in full or have the option of 2 x payments of $445 or 3 x payments of $297

* Conditions apply

We want to make this course accessible to anyone wanting to expand their intuitive/psychic knowledge, we are flexible with payment plans - Please do not hesitate reach out if you have any questions or queries in relation to the mentorship program.

*Please note, payment is non-refundable.

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