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© 2019 by Stephanie Warburton - Energy Therapist

Kinesiologist, Meditation Facilitator, Reiki Master,

Physic Medium, Equine Acupuncturist and Connection Specialist



"You're not working on the horse, you are working on yourself." - Ray Hunt

Steph has been working alongside elite show-jumpers, dressage competitors and in the eventing arena. Here she corrects connection problems with rider and horse, establishing a secure mindset to support the partnership moving forward.

Whether you have a goal you are working towards or just enjoy riding for leisure, Steph’s equine connection theories work for everyone.

Steph has been taking riders to the next level by helping them to become aware of issues that have been blocking their progress, releasing unwanted limitations mentally, psychically, spiritually and emotionally. 

Being a good rider is one thing, but being in tune with the emotional aspects and confidence of your horse is another.

Why you might tap into Equine Connections... 

  • Fear of the unknown/failure

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Lack of confidence or ability 

  • Lack of motivation

  • Mental health issues. Eg.depression and/or anxiety 

  • Coping with poor performance and pressure of outside factors

  • Horse injury and setbacks

  • Goal setting - Short or long term

  • Self-limiting mindset, self-sabotaging behaviours.

  • Breath work and relaxation 

  • Boundaries (created by you or others. How to set or overcome them)

  • Visualisation and Meditation

  • Routines structured around goals, performance or general. 

  • Maintaining focus and staying in the present moment 

Equine Therapy & Acupuncture...

Energy Therapy for the horse works the exact same way it does for humans, same process, same transformations, same chakra system, same aura, same everything, only on horses! (or any other animal for that matter)

There is so much more to the horse than just its physical nature and appearance. Just like humans, horse's have an emotional, mental and spiritual body, which all need to be addressed, worked with and in alignment. If the horse has suffered from emotional trauma or abuse, energy becomes stagnant causing the horse to be out balance, which can lead to not only health issues but bad habits and other dysfunctions as well. 

Having an excellent partnership with your horse is paramount! By working with all aspects of the horse, you can learn to become more together and work as one in a more functional manner. 

Energy Therapy offers support for horses in so many ways including relief from pain, fear and anxiety, provides comfort and support for the highly strung horse, eliminates aggression, stress and depression and helps dissipate memories of trauma or abuse.


We do this through muscle manipulation, acupuncture, pressure points and equine kinesiology.  

All fundamental modalities established to create a more balanced energy within the human body and most importantly our animals and equine friends.

The key benefits of Energy Therapy for horses:  

  • Reduces stress, depression and anxiety

  • Relieves pain and inflammation

  • Injury control & relief

  • Facilitates gut issues, colic and similair 

  • Addresses all bodies of the horse - Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Dissipates trauma and emotional stagnation

  • Improves confidence within horse and rider - Enabling peak performance

  • Assists in recovery of illness or injury (ligament damage, injury, colic etc)

  • Provides deeper connection of partnership between horse and rider/owner

  • Brings everything back into alignment

  • Enhances relaxation and overall wellbeing of horse and rider/owner

  • Provides deeper understanding of horse for rider/owner



Hillary McGregor-Potter is a highly esteemed rider; currently excelling in the discipline of dressage. She presently has a team of 5 horses, who range through the levels from Prelim to Prix St Georges. Hillary's riding experience has been obtained across the disciplines, from winning horse trials championships at a national level in 2* in NZ, to Show Jumping in Germany; however it is dressage in which she has found her true passion. Hillary also has a strong love of coaching, and travels from her base in QLD to VIC on a monthly basis to train a select group of riders.


I’ve been lucky enough to have been working with Steph since I first met her. She has an energy and enthusiasm about her that is infectious; and to top it off, the ability to create in you the belief that you are capable of achieving any goal that you are prepared to dedicate yourself towards achieving. And I don’t mean this in a wishy washy, ‘blowing smoke’ kind of way… Steph has an uncanny ability to very quickly isolate any psychological perceptions that you have of yourself that are subconsciously holding you back, errors that you are making in your competition preparation; basically any ‘chink in your armour’ that has the ability to inhibit your success on either a professional or personal level.


Whilst sometimes these insights to ourselves can be rather confronting; the beauty about Steph is that she also has a wealth of tools to help you reprogram these behaviours or habits and build a much more successful mindset and training programme. Thanks so much Steph for giving me a clearer picture of myself, my training and competition plan, and my general life plan to boot!

2* level eventing in NZ, currently competing Preliminary through to Medium EA dressage

Hilary McGregor-Potter


I have always been very in-tune with my animals after a not so good childhood, animals were my world. Today my husband says there is a sign above our property “strays welcome here”. My response to that is there is much worse in this world than loving and caring for an animal and giving it the best possible life. Maybe if more people had it as a priority in their lives, image what the world could be.

Steph is fantastic and is a very valuable tool that helps me in my training, especially with my current horse, Classique K (Spud), who with no jumping happening I am having to learn to become a better dressage rider. Steph has helped me enormously by giving me the reassurance that Spud is up for the challenge as we make our way up the grades both in HRCAV and EA.

I see many unhappy horses out in the competition arena, with stressed, uptight riders on their backs. I don’t want that at the end of our competition career, I want a happy, healthy and beautifully educated horse to look back over the years and be amazed at what I have accomplished and will continue to accomplish on the yearling we purchased, broke-in (having many thoughts about increasing my life insurance in those early years) and finally ticking many boxes as we continue to build on our already fantastic partnership.

With Steph’s help and insight I know I can achieve anything we set out to whilst having a fantastic time along the way.

Level 2 all disciplines and EA dressage – Novice/Elementary

Georgina Alomes