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How to get started on your intuitive journey...

You know, when I first started “this work”, I never ever thought I would end up where I am today. Never did I think I would be reading for people let alone talking to dead people and charging money for it. I never thought it would turn into my career. Pole dancing cop to Psychic Medium, who would have thought!

It took a lot for me to wrap my head around. "Can I actually talk to dead people?! Can I really read someones future?! Did I just make that up in my head? Am I really the next John Edward! HA!"

Although it's not all rainbows and butterflies, this work (passion) is tough. It takes a lot of self-growth and development to get here. If you are willing to put in the hard work and dedication, the possibilities are endless in this field.

It’s literally like pealing back the layers and delving into the unknown, without an agenda. For me, that was so hard. (Still is *eyeroll)

I’m more your masculine energy type. I’m a doer, a fast paced get things done, my way or the highway, make it happen, forcer type gal (hands up if you can relate). The balance for me is difficult, you’re not alone!

Things I don't do: Meditate daily, drink herbal tea by the hour, smoke weed, wear vegan clothing, send emails with the sign off, "love & light"

Things I do, do: Drink coffee & alcohol, hold meetings with my spirit guides in the lounge room (not joking), swear... a lot.

I’m still your average country gal, just with a twist *laughing as I write that!!

I guess what I am trying to say is, you don't need to be a certain way to be intuitive, you just need to be you and do what works FOR YOU!

Before stepping deeper into my abilities, it was very much about trusting the signs for me. I must admit, having my mum on the other side made it easier, as it gave me something to ‘trust’ in. I was guided by her nudges which came to me predominately through physical signs such as birds, music and dreams. All of which are ways spirit communicate with us when we are ‘untapped’ intuitively. In saying that, you don’t need to have lost anyone to see, feel or follow the universal guidance.

If you are wanting to develop your intuitive abilities or start your career as a “Psychic Medium” here are some things I recommend...

Angel Cards & Tarot Cards

If you are new to this, get yourself some Angel Cards. These are a great tool to get your intuitive psychic juices flowing. Start off with detailed cards which come with a guidance book to help you navigate your way through.

You can start reading for yourself then reading for your friends, when you feel like a pro read for someone you don't know!

I would recommend Radleigh Valentines Angel Cards . You can find them online or at your local crystal shop!

When you get to know your Angel Cards and feel super confident in this department, it's probably time to move on to some Tarot Cards.

I use the Rider Waite Card Deck which I have provided a link for. This is my personal choice. If you are wanting to dive more into reading Tarot, get yourself a really good mentor.

Also, Google is pretty good too (that's how I learnt)

The 4 Clairs

I will write a blog specifically on this topic, but for now you can research the 4 main Clairs in your own time. This will be important for you to get to know, as the Clairs are what will help you understand your psychic development to a certain degree.

In short, we use the Clairs to receive intuitive information.

The more you play around with your intuition, the stronger your Clairs will become. Generally, you have a dominant Clair - I repeat, I will write a piece on this topic.

Here's a quick look...

Claircognition: Knowing. When you just know something, without knowing how you know, you just know.

Clairvoyance: Seeing. This may be seeing an image in your third eye, kinda like a movie playing out on a TV screen or simply just your imagination.

Clairaudience: Hearing or sound. This could be hearing divine guidance, spirit or intuition with your physical ears or a song coming on the radio that is significant to you.

Clairsentience: Feeling. A gut instinct about a situation or person or feeling a certain way when scrolling social media or watching the news.


Once again, a great tool to get to know your energy. There is literally a crystal for everything.

Break up... crystal. Money making... crystal. Energy cleanse... crystal. Going a bit nuts... WINE! Also a crystal.

When I first started out I would use certain crystals to enhance my abilities (clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz) Then started recommending them to my clients which helped me understand what was going on with their energy.

There is so much you can do with crystals, do your research and have fun with it!

I don't use them as much anymore, but certainly a must have when first starting out!

Note: You do not need a qualification to use crystals

Exercise / Movement

I cannot stress this enough. Tapping into your senses on a deeper level means bringing up stagnant energy which may be trapped in the bodies energy systems (chakras, aura, organs etc). The more movement our body gets, the more able it is to release the emotional blocks.

The clearer your energy systems, the more intuitive you become!

This doesn't mean signing up to the gym or getting on the treadmill everyday, it's something that works for you.

For me, sometimes its yoga, sometimes its a walk, pole dancing, pilates or even just getting out bed for the day.

Don't be alarmed if you have a good cry after your movement practice, this is simply just emotion leaving the body, no questions asked, just allow.

Thanks for reading - Please feel free to leave a comment or request a topic to blog about!

Stay intuitive :)

Steph xx

If you are more masculine dominant energy, learn how to slow down by channeling your inner feminine. And yes, men can do this too! Speak to your inner fem by asking what they need from you before you collapse in a heap. For me it's time in nature by myself without technology, allowing myself to breathe. Other times it’s watching Netflix or practicing yoga. It really is just what works for you.  
The more you slow down, the louder the whispers become.  
Masculine energy – go go go!!! 
Feminine energy – slow slow slow!!!  

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