All courses and workshops are online based. Once you have decided on the course or workshop of your choice, simply send us an email to secure your spot. When we have received your email, details regarding payment options and the Zoom Link will be sent out to you along with any class notes or booklets that are required. 

If you are unsure of what to enrol in, please do not hesitate to send us an email with any questions or concerns. 

Finding your way...


Dates to be confirmed

Time: 7 pm

Cost: $35 pp

Have you got an intuitive knowing but just can quite figure out how to use it or where to start? This may be the place for you!

The basis of this online workshop, is for those wanting to delve a little deeper into the unknown and learn how to tune into their own intuitive senses. This course is designed for beginners wanting to explore and learn ways in which to trust their own inner guidance, connect with the higher self and read signs and symbols presented by the universe. Here we will discover the language of empathy and how to live the life of a 'sensitive', tap into Angel and Tarot Cards and begin to read for others. 

*All workshops will be held via Zoom - Link will be emailed upon booking. 

Guide Connection.

Plant Biology

Dates to be confirmed.

Time: 7 pm

Cost: $40 pp

Ok so, you can read for people and you have an idea of how to tune into energy, but your just wanting that little extra connection to develop your skills and find out who you're working with. Lets take your abilities to the next level! 

This workshop is designed for those at an intermediate level or for those in-between wanting to be a practicing psychic but seem to be struggling a little with confidence and putting yourself out there. Learn how to connect and become friends with your 'team' and know the difference between becoming a Psychic and a Medium. 


*All workshops will be held via Zoom - Link will be emailed upon booking. 

Practicing Psychic Medium.

Forest Path

Does to be confirmed.

Time: 7 pm

Cost: $50 pp

A workshop for the Psychics and/or the Mediums who already have a client base or have just recently started their own business in this field. Maybe you're wanting to enhance your skills and hone in one area of your work or simply just want to sit in a space of like minded people. Here we will delve into different ways of connection, how to read for your clients and trust your abilities like never before, as well as develop business skills regarding how to be true to your brand without 'distractions'.  

All workshops will be held via Zoom - Link will be emailed upon booking.